Free December Language Works

This December, Montessoring  has some gifts for you. We have free language works for you to use this month and all year round.

On Wednesday, December 6 we will post the links to a December themed work to help students differentiate the letters b, d, and p.     

On Thursday, December 7  we will add the link to December themed compound word  matching cards.  

Friday, December 8 you can find the link here  for some sentence matching and sentence puzzle works with a gift giving theme.

Tuesday, December 12 you will be able to download some seasonal reading comprehension pages.  

But that is not all.   If you sign up for our mailing list you will receive a link to more free works. You can download non seasonal versions of each of these works. You can uses them when you come back to school on January or use any other time of the year.  Our mailing list is only used  sparingly to notify you of new free works or very special offers.   We know that your time is valuable and we won’t waste it with a bunch of sales pitches or chit chat.  

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