Lunar New Year Handwriting Fun

These trace and write Chinese Zodiac pages are a fun way to practice handwriting .   They are available in print, D’Nealian, and cursive  dotted text.    

Set 1 has pictures of all 12 zodiac animals.  The students trace the words then copy them on the line below.  The print and D’Nealian versions have arrows to guide the writing direction.                                     

Set 2 a picture of one animal and the sentence, “I was born in the year of the ________.”   The students trace and then copy the sentences.  There are no directional arrows on these pages.  

Set 3 (not pictured) has  the same pictures as the second set, but there is no dotted text to trace.   These pages can be used for any related writing you choose.  

We included a chart of the animals for  1948- 2031  as well as the Lunar New Year Dates for 2013- 24 so you can correctly find the zodiac sign for all students, including those with January and February birthdays. 

Download Print Version

Download D’Nealian Version

Download Cursive Version

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