Free Language Works for Halloween!

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Below you will find free Halloween Language works for ages 4-9. Montessoring offers easy to prep, easy to use language works adapted to the diverse needs of your students. 

While we develop our curriculum which will be launched in Spring 2024, we would like to offer you free samples to try with your students. These works are inspired by the Montessori Language Curriculum,  but can be used by teachers or parents in any type of learning environment.

The works available include:

  • 1. Letter Sound and Tracing Pages – Ages 4-9
  • 2. CVC Phonics Worksheets – Ages 4-7
  • 3. Sentence Matching & Puzzle Cards – Ages 5-7
  • 4. Reading Comprehension – Ages 5-9
  • 5. Alphabetizing Cards – Ages 6-9
  • 6. Grammar- Analyze and Symbolize Parts of Speech 6-10

1. Letter Sound and Tracing Pages – Ages 4-9

You can use these pages to review letter sounds and develop handwriting skills. Older students can use them for handwriting practice. They are offered in three writing styles: Print, D’nealian, and cursive.

Set 1 has one large dotted letter with directional arrows as well as a picture to color beginning with that letter’s sound. Pictures will start with short vowels, hard c and g, and the x picture will be xylophone to assist in phonetic learning.

Set 2 provides two lines of smaller dotted letters with directional arrows. There is a small illustration that begins with the letter’s sound. This set is offered in a choice of Black & White or Color illustrations. 

Here are the Downloadable Files for the letter tracing worksheets

2. CVC Phonics Worksheets – Ages 4-7

Here is a small sample of what the early phonics worksheets will look like. Our upcoming Phonics sequence continues through digraphs, blends, long vowels, diphthongs, and beyond. The early part of the sequence will provide guided writing in the answers. This provides kinesthetic support for both phonetic learning and developing handwriting. 

These pages are offered in Color or Black and White, with print, D’nealian, or cursive writing guides. You can download pages with -at words, mixed short a words, and -og words. When you sign up for our e-mail list, you will get access to more CVC pages with short i, u and e words, all our other  Halloween Language works, and more free Language works each month. 

Here are the Downloadable Files for the CVC worksheets

3. Sentence Matching & Puzzle Cards – Ages 5-7

These works integrate phonics, sight words, and sentence structure. The sets available on this blog use CVC words. Sign up for our e-mail list to get sentence cards with blends, digraphs, and long vowel words, and more Halloween Language works. You will continue to get free Language works each month.

Here are the Downloadable Files for the Sentence Matching/Puzzle Cards

4. Reading Comprehension – Ages 5-9

Our reading comprehension pages follow our Montessori and SOR Aligned sequence from CVC through advanced phonics and beyond. We designed them to be accessible for younger readers and students with visual or other learning challenges.The early phonetic works are printed in large text with a good amount of space between letters and lines. The more advanced work is provided with two options: more traditionally sized texts, and larger text for students who need it.

These Halloween themed pages are just few examples, so not all reading levels are covered here. If a student’s reading level is between two of the pages, we recommend giving them the one below their level.

Here are the Downloadable Files for the Reading Comprehension pages

5. Alphabetizing Cards – Ages 6-9

These cards teach or review alphabetizing by the first and second letter.  There are four sets of cards in this free Halloween sample. They increase in both reading and alphabetizing level.  In our upcoming Language sequence there will a more extensive selection of both reading and alphabetizing levels.  An alphabetizing  guide strip and an optional page for pasting the words in order are included.  

Here is Downloadable File for the Alphabetizing cards

You can get four more sets of alphabetizing cards that that go from Alphabetizing by the 1st letter to the 4th leter by signing up for our email list.

6. Grammar- Analyze and Symbolize Parts of Speech 6-10

Your students can use these Analyze and Symbolize worksheets to review the parts of speech.   They read the sentence or phrase and draw symbols about each part of speech.   There are three different formats and two reading levels provided. 

One set has the traditional Montessori Grammar symbols at the top of each page,  another has letter symbols for students who are not familiar with the Montessori symbols and the third has no symbols, but leave space for the students to draw or trace the Montessori symbols above the labels, so the pages can be copied in black and white.  There is a page with some grammar symbol guides that you can download as well.   

The EZ versions have simpler, more phonetically based text for students who are ready for the grammar sequence, but are still developing as  readers.   These sets only go up through adverb, while the regular set continues on through interjections.   

Here are the Downloadable Files for the Analyze and Symbolize grammar pages

If you would like more free Halloween Language works, sign up for our mailing list. We will also send you more free Language works each month.

We hope you enjoy these free Halloween Language works. To find out more about Montessoring and our upcoming Language sequences, please visit us at

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  1. My 6 and 9 year olds absolutely loved these activities. My 6 year old demanded that she get to read all of the passages for her age back to back! So great.

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